What Makes Me Tick

I hate being bored.

I’ll do just about anything to avoid monotony, and I’ve quit jobs once the challenge was gone.

I love learning new things.

The “what” matters a bit less, though I tend to focus on technology/math/science/geek stuff.

Crafting code is what drives me.

I learned Commodore BASIC at age 8. Programming has been my passion ever since.

What I’m Currently Doing

Director of Software & Systems Engineering at Kateeva, Inc.

I spend much of my time working to make complex high-volume mass production equipment seem simple and easy to its owner. I lead a team that converts business requirements into system requirements, designs and implements the human and factory interfaces, translates additive manufacturing algorithms into machine control software, and drives overall system integration and optimization from concept to installation at a customer site.

Building use(ful | less) electronics projects

Because a day job isn’t enough to keep me entertained (and because quarantine means more time spent at home these days), I’m building things like automated thermostats, EEPROM programmers, oh… and an 8-bit CPU from SN7400 logic chips.

Switching back and forth between contributing to various open source projects (mainly around web development and quantitative finance), and building my own stuff with Python, Javascript, and Go.