What Makes Me Tick

I hate being bored.

I’ll do just about anything to avoid monotony, and I’ve quit jobs once the challenge was gone.

I love learning new things.

The “what” matters a bit less, though I tend to focus on technology/math/science/geek stuff.

Crafting code is what drives me.

I learned QBASIC at age 8. Programming has been my passion ever since.

What I’m Currently Doing

Director of Total Product Support at Kateeva, Inc.

I spend most of my time figuring out why extraordinarily complex factory automation tools don’t work right, how to fix them, and how to explain that to someone several thousand miles away. In my free time, I train other people to do the same.

Building tools for automated trading

Because 60 hours a week at a day job isn’t enough to keep me entertained, I’m also digging into quantitative finance and learning how to apply that to cryptocurrency trading. Building stuff with Python, pandas, and Binance.